(Latest version: In response to the new law 1581, 2012 related to the protection of personal data and in accordance with Article 10 of Decree 1377 of June 27, 2013)



This Notice of Policy and Information Processing of Personal Data is provided on behalf of BIOGEN®.
Your privacy is very important for us. To protect it, we provide this notice explaining the policies and treatment, which will undergo your personal data and the choices you can make about the way your information is collected and used. We can get personal or non-public information from the following sources:

1. Information contained in applications or other forms we receive directly from you such as your name, address, financial history, health or work.

2. Information held in contracts or invoices / accounts receivable, subscribed and received by You.

3. Information about your transactions with BIOGEN®, affiliates, holding companies and others.

4. Information we can get through Internet technology.

To provide and manage services for and by you, it is important for us to collect and use your information. BIOGEN® does not disclose any non-public information or personal information about its customers or former customers to anyone except as required by law or authorized by you. Generally, BIOGEN® does not disclose personal information from non-public character to unrelated third parties, except as necessary to provide quality insurance services. Likewise, BIOGEN® does not sell your name, address or telephone number to any telemarketing company, vendors or anyone else.


Dear customer, contractor, worker and / or supplier, in response to the new law 1581 of 2012 related to the protection of personal data and in accordance with Article 10 of Decree 1377 of June 27, 2013 we want to inform you, we collected some of your personal data during our activity, before the law was issue. Respectfully we request your consent to continue treating your personal information in a fair, lawful, safe and reliable manner in accordance with our policy of data and services, inherent to the purpose of Laboratorios Biogen de Colombia S.A. Likewise, please note that the information provided by you may be used by Laboratorios Biogen de Colombia SA, its affiliated companies and / or third parties with commercial agreements, for the development of functions related to provision of services, such as consultation, exchange and supply, send information and advertising products and other established within the authorization clause of personal data. It is clear that Laboratorios Biogen de Colombia SA has a Personal Data Policy, which can be found on our website and will serve to collect, store, use and carry out any activity related to the information you provided, together with the compliance of the principles laid down by Law 1581 of 2012. Accordingly, and in the terms provided by Article 10 of Decree 1377 of 2013, Laboratorios Biogen de Colombia S.A. shall be expressly authorized to maintain and manage personal information, unless you state otherwise directly and express unequivocally within thirty (30) working days. For more information contact us through our website, page, or on our telephone lines and / or email:


Laboratorios Biogen de Colombia S.A 
Nit. 860078320-8


(Previous version to July 27, 2013)

· BIOGEN® cares about the protection of personal data for its users, it guarantees confidentiality of the information entered into forms, databases and other media of one or two routes that available. BIOGEN® does not provide information to third parties.

· Personal data entered will remain within the corresponding databases as these are updated or necessary, it will be used solely for the purpose by which it was deposited.

· Except fields where information is absolutely necessary, the form is voluntary and shall not result in detriment to the quality of service of the website.

· E-mail, comments and all information entered by the user in contact forms must be truthful and subject to verification, if determined falsity information, the respective legal sanctions will be applied.

· Username and password must be personal and not transferable. By registering at, the user complies and irrevocably accepts the terms of use and responsibility policies.

· Users must accept rules of etiquette and good manners when interacting with BIOGEN® or other users, using appropriate language and avoiding offensive vocabulary.