Max relief. Max welfare. Biogrip Max arrives


BIOGEN® launches the new BIOGRIP® MAX, an effective drug which blogs the flu and its symptoms, offering 12 hours relief. It comes in box presentation and dispenser of 12 and 100 tablets respectively.
Nowadays people are more vulnerable to the signs of the flu, due to the impact of climate change, producing permanent changes in temperature and therefore unexpected effects in the body. The combined formula of BIOGRIP® MAX is the effective response to this phenomenon, as it blocks symptoms such as congestion, malaise, runny nose, sore throat, fever and headache.
This medication requires no prescription and is recommended for adults and children from 12 years old. From now, it is available in drugstores nationwide. Thanks to its safety and effectiveness, BIOGRIP® MAX will certainly become a first-line option to counteract the annoying symptoms of colds and flu.
BIOGRIP® MAX, blocks the flu!